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Cyber MSME

Cybersecurity for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Mapping Cyber-Threats for micro-enterprises and SMEs means defining threats, risks, solutions, skills related to cybersecurity apllied at the MSME level.
The consortium will perfom a secondary mapping to examine existing academic/scientific literature, policy papers, analytical reports and diagnostics on the main risks and dangers that arise even from a partial ignorance of these new digital needs.

This will allow the consortium to summarize and identify the elements of success and failure factors in terms of technology dynamics at EU and national level
The partners will carry out a comprehensive assessment of the target group and the dynamics of cybersecurity in its entirety and digital security in the countries involved. They will focus on:

  • Identifying common features of these domains and exploring their similarities,
  • Identifying best practices / case studies for the implementation of highly advanced cybersecurity technologies at the MSME level i micro-enterprises,
  • Examining and systematizing the paths from the status of "ignorance about cybersecurity" to nonpenetrating digital devices in the MSME dimension,
  • Identification of individual examples and successes,
  • Defining cybersecurity and digital security specialization as a business opportunity itself,
  • Identification of gaps in entrepreneurship training related to knowledge of cybersecurity and ICT

The mapping report will be published on the project website.


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