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Sniffing attacks refer to the theft or interception of data by capturing the network traffic using a packet sniffer. A packet sniffer represents a system with a network interface card that operates in promiscuous/monitor mode and capture network packets in real time.

Social engineering

Social engineering in the IT context is a term used for various malicious activities made through human interactions. It is based on psychological manipulation. The point is to push a user to make a security mistake. In other words, the social engineering attack is possible only if the user is not aware of harmful intent.


Constant and continuous establishment of higher performance’ standards. Managerial paradigm which established in post-war Japanese industrial system


Vishing is a variation of phishing done using voice technology such as a phone call, Messenger/Zoom call, or fraudulent voice message.


VPN is a virtual network that protects your privacy by hiding the data you send in an extra layer of encryption.


It is a method of connecting a new device to the network by pressing a physical button on the router.

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