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Cyber MSME. International Multiplier Event and Workshop for Professionals.

Internet Web Solutions organised and hosted a Multiplier Event called Cyber MSME International Multiplier Event and Workshop for Professionals in Malaga on 25.04.2022.

IWS held this event in collaboration with its associated partner TRIBEKA.

This M.E. aimed to exploit and mainstream Cyber MSME (products, training, content and platform) at technology, practice and research levels. The event was organised to present all Cyber MSME intellectual outputs and their relevance at policy and practice levels to improving the cybersecurity skills and competencies of micro, small & medium enterprises and participants in the VET ecosystem.

Twenty people representing the target group, enterprises, entrepreneurs and VET ecosystem representatives attended the multiplier event.

During the event, the following points were introduced:

•             Introduction: Cyber MSME in the context of the Erasmus Plus Programme

•             Operational overview of Cyber MSME: Consortium, Target and Objectives

•             Cyber MSME Main Results: OER Platform Structure and Outputs

•             Cyber MSME Main Results: 4 outputs

•             Cyber MSME free online training courses

•             Panel discussion: Improving cybersecurity skills and competencies of micro, small & medium enterprises


All attendees were interested in the information provided and considered the project helpful in knowing more about cybersecurity and improving the security online for SMEs and entrepreneurs.


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