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Essentials for your cyber-readiness: The Cyber MSME training material is finally online

The analysis of results and key takeaways emerged from our international assessment of cyber-threats for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU highlighted four critical areas of interest for the cyber-empowerment, upskilling and IT-readiness of EU MSMEs:


  1. Outline of a cyber-resilience framework that is specific to MSMEs’ needs
  2. Raising awareness on the risk management frameworks, their applicability, and benefits
  3. Making cybersecurity more accessible – including making it more understandable to non-cyber literate
  4. Promoting voluntary and compulsory trainings among employees
  5. Supporting development of simplified security protocols that can be operationalized with limited extra costs


Based on the above, and following internal brainstorming among partners on how to tackle these specific focuses, the Cyber MSMEs project proposes its own education and training curricula on the very essentials of cyber-readiness for MSMEs. The education framework is designed as follows:

Traning modules & educational contents Responsible Partner

ICT Tools to prevent and recognize Cyber Risk in the Digital World

Basics of Cybersecurity. Comprehending the Fundamental Rules of Cybersecurity

Internet Web Solutions, IWS (Spain)

European landscape of cybersecurity: policies and support strategies

DigComp 2.1 for cyber-awareness

Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires, IHF (Belgium)

Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity & risk in a cyber-environment: EntreComp for Cyber-MSME

Managerial models to monitor, evaluate and assess cyber-readiness

IDP European Consultants, IDP (Italy)

Understand security to keep cyber threats away in your SME

Ethical hacking - in times of cybernetic attacks and digital threats

Gentlab (Romania)

Social engineering - users are the weakest link

Human-centred Design vs. Company priorities – shortening the path of reporting bugs for the user as a benefit for the company's security

Crisis management - they hacked me, what next?

Fundamentals of privacy in the network, VPN, TOR - overview, application, threats

Additional materials – toolkits

Improve your cybersecurity management plan — best practices 

How to recognize credible URLs? Guidelines 

Your inventory list. Template 

Essential router security tips. Enhance your network security with few basic steps 

Cybersecurity on a budget. How to protect your business when every cent counts 

Customized Training Solutions, CTS; Center for Social and Economic Research, CASE (Poland)


All material is available for free, in opens access and in multilanguage version (EN, PL, ES, IT, RO)  by consulting out official Open Education Resource Platform.


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